Entry #21


2011-11-01 14:22:30 by A-New-Decade

newish website. pretty limited to what i can do with it. (link)

p.s. new album (suddenly, everything changes or "s.e.c.") will be realeased november 9th. but you can haz now if you want.

full album up on youtube and soundcloud.


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2012-09-22 20:55:33

sec is a great album! The music very well suits the year 2012. Based on the track titles and how they were written, it seems tracks that are gathered together into an album (sec) and proclaims a prediction. It's an awesome idea and I will look foward for more from you. I hope all is spectacular on your end.


2015-09-20 20:57:09

i shall share your musics to the world